Wednesday, December 07, 2005


It snowed today. Half an inch and we had voicemail encouraging us to stay home if driving conditions seemed less than appealing. Obviously they don't have my type there when such decisions are made. I make people work just after attending their relatives' funerals or having surgery. Usually the conversation goes like:

Ring ring!
Magaidi: This is Magaidi
Dude: Magaidi, Dude here, man I popped my shoulder
Magaidi: Me too, so what time will you be here?

I'm sick of folks calling in with flimsy excuses. Oh referendum, oh earthquake, ooh bomb blast, ooh I ate a twelve pound turkey. I once had a guy call me because his aunt's distant cousin's dad died. Turns out he'd gone for a job interview. I knew one of the folks he interviewed with. He wasn't hired because he arrived late for the interview. What a loser! If you tell such unimaginative lies, you're probably too dumb to sit upright on a chair without falling off.

Kibaki announced his new look cabinet today. No Raila, Kalonzo, Nyong'o and crew. Even Mwangi Kiunjuri declined to take the post he was offered. You know you're bad when even dipsh**(excuse my french) like Kiunjuri don't want to work for you. Can't wait to make my rounds of the blogs to see what the people say!


At 3:23 AM, Anonymous guessaurus said...

Ooohhhh - so "The dog ate the house keys, I cannot leave the house unlocked and has called the vet" will not wash in your book of excuses? Damn you are hard!

Having said that, I have such an understanding boss that I dont bother making excuses, I just tell him the truth and he is ok with letting me have a day off.

At 9:45 AM, Blogger nick said...

i always say never bother making excuses just wait for the real day where the truth will be an excuse enough

another thing i also cant stand is asking people for favors causeone day it will come back and bite u in the ass when u need a favor

At 2:18 PM, Blogger Magaidi said...

G,i'm actually pretty easy going. Some folk actually take this for my weakness. That kills me.

Nick, I hear you. Very few folk do. I once had a guy call in sick the week before christmas coz he'd been out partying and claimed he was sick. It's not like i've never been there before. Week afterward his aunt actually died but he'd used up all his sick time so although I granted him leave, it had to be unpaid. He tied himself up in knots, nothing I could do.


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