Monday, August 29, 2005

Entertainment Round Up



"The only difference between me and you is that you arrived on a ship and I flew in"

A Kenyan and an African American at a just concluded Symposium on African Studies.


Those of us amid the diaspora within the continental United States are getting ready to celebrate labor day weekend upcoming in a matter of days.

Someone in DC decided to offer free food to Africans. DJ Ammo and Banti of Baltimore invite you to stuff your fat face with chicken, mnazi, vitunguu and nuts at multiple bbqs. Capital FM's DJ Adrian will be on the ones and twos and Mr. Nice will entertain revellers 'fagilia-ing' mpaka che.

The impressive DJ Babu and DJ Fully Focus, the duo representing the 'Take Over Deejays' (T.O.D), [dont ask!] will be entertaining folk at the Safari DC alternatively. Entertain your brain to smooth afro sounds and African Street beats and your taste buds to an African menu. Entertainment brought to you courtesy of Kaka Productions.

Club Queens in Atlanta will be hosting party people all night with a DJ Fly and DJ Graz. Apparently ladies will be free b4 midnight so the people too cheap to pay for a trip to Washington and those just broke - no pun intended - will be there.

Houston folks will be 'katikaing kinyama' to the sounds of DJ Kabugi,DJ Yusuf and DJ Steve Nice. In addition there will be rugby action and soccer at Memorial park, 6501 Memorial Drive prior to clubbing.For more info on this visit 2Kat .

Boston people will be enjoying their 'labor of love' & drinking weekend at the Pekking Toms courtesy of DJs Sam and Leroy(formerly of The Carnivore-Nairobi). For more info visit this site hapa.

Hopefully after-effects of hurricane Katrina won't ruin your events but I request thee...please do not drink and drive. Be safe. Be Courteous.


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That's a deep quote jamaa!!! LOL!


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