Sunday, March 05, 2006



Ladies and gentlemen, my blogspot portal has outlived its usefulness. is now up and running, the transition is almost over except for a few tweaks here and there but I'm still working on it. Please adjust your links accordingly. Thank you. :)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Government System Failure


Recent highhanded actions by the government have again put our country in very bad light. Still reeling from the effects of the now infamous ‘githongo dossier’ and poor planning that resulted to acute food shortage due to the drought that is still ravaging the country, we have again thrust ourselves back into the limelight for all the wrong reasons. The mere fact that the government can and does initiate, co-ordinate and execute armed raids of printing houses is a despicable act. Even worse, what these attacks prove yet again is an inherent weakness in the system. The judiciary exists to provide checks and balances within the three government bodies i.e the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary, with its role to interpret and uphold the law notwithstanding. Since we can safely assume that no one will be held accountable for the government’s actions, and that we will keep on walking and smiling knowing full well that an armed policeman, on ‘orders from above’ can and probably will stop, search and arrest you once in your lifetime, we hold our judiciary system just as accountable for these failures as we do the executive. Ours is a cowardly and toothless judiciary giant at the whims of a belligerent, corrupt and ill-motivated government. The myopic and utterly senseless decision taken to raid the media house is likely to cause even more ‘political damage’ than the alleged story said to have been the last straw that broke the [camel’s] governments collective back. What it also does is further pit a wary public eye against its government. The common mwananchi now not only sees the government as corrupt, but also as a totalitarian authority that condones terrorism as long as it is sanctioned by the powers that be.

*As I post this piece details are still emerging as to who sanctioned this universally idiotic move, details subject to change*

Press Freedom: Letter to Kibaki


Dear President Kibaki,

On March 2, 2006 armed police raided the headquarters and printing plant of the East African Standard Group. In addition to destroying equipment including the printing presses and burning newspapers, they shut down the Kenya Television Network television station.

This latest attack follows the jailing of three journalists from the East African Standard newspaper, attacks on the Citizen Weekly, and ongoing harassment of journalists by government-sponsored forces.

I urge you to:

Condemn these attacks in the strongest terms possible.
Dismiss any member of your government who played a role in the attacks.
Live up to your promise to support freedom of the press.

Please copy and paste this on your blog following in Keguro's footsteps. Alterations may be made to suit your need. Thanks and big up mental and afro.

*We will not, should not and never will be cowed by gun totting, mask-wearing thugs sponsored by the government. This is in itself an act of terrorism, state sponsored no less! Washindwe!*

Monday, February 27, 2006

Afraid To Be Great

Mr Magaidi

I will not be afraid to be great, I will
Seek to find
Truths that bind
To leave behind
Ignorance of mind
Like a spell unwind
And speak my mind
I will not be afraid to be great.

I will not be afraid to be great, I will
Seek to dispose
Curtail and expose
Dispel and disclose
Generalizations that impose
Conclusions that boast
Unfairly of course
Write dispositions and discourse
That Ignorance is so close
I will not be afraid to be great.

I will not be afraid of greatness, I will
Go forth in life with dedication
Draw from life such inspiration
Bless other life with appreciation
Reflect on this life in meditation
Give in life with love and affection
Pursue my life’s joy with a passion
Dedicate to life all my attention
I will not be afraid of greatness.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

KBW Meetup

Mr Magaidi

I made someone’s weekend by simply walking up to them and telling them how I think they add ‘value’ to the team. I’m amazed how simple words can have a profound effect on people.(just thought I'd share but I digress)

We seem to be leaning towards Memorial Day, Dallas TX for the anticipated KBW meet up. Just so you know, this will be on the weekend of the 28th – 29th of May with Monday the 30th being the actual holiday.

Is this a go or does someone have another suggestion?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Rugby in LA - The Recap

Mr. Magaidi

The sea of red black green and white at the Home Depot center in Los Angeles was a sight to behold. Kenyans from all walks of life, all corners of the continental United States flocked to cheer their underdog team against rugby powerhouses gathered for the USA Sevens. In addition to this, we were treated to a fun filled weekend. I met distinguished personalities from the KBW ring, anonymity was a priority, and if you’re sharp enough, you might just tell who they were but it ain’t coming from me. It was a great pleasure though. Most classy moment of the whole tournament for me was after Kenya beat USA to win the Shield Title (26-12), Kenyan fans acknowledged the USA team with as much vigor as they did their own team. For revelers we had a range of choices on where we wanted to ‘row de boat’, one was ‘pon de river’ literally as Nameless and Bamboo entertained folk at the world renowned ‘Queen Mary’ ship while others enjoyed music by Kenya’s top disc jockeys DJ Adrian, DJ Babu, DJ Pinye at other venues. Additionally Code Red DJ Stylez, Chicago’s DJ Top Donn and Dallas’ own DJ XP among many other excellent turn table-ists. Kleptomaniax, Mercy Myra and others also performed.


It was great to see country men & women come out and cheer on their team. Of even more significance is the fact that no incidents of violence were seen/reported. Generally the crowd was reserved, much better, camaraderie was evidenced all over the place. Intermingling freely with statesmen/women from other regions including Tonga, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, England and other places. The distinct feeling was general: you didn’t have to be a rugby fan to enjoy your time there. I had very interesting conversations with KBW members and the we all came out feeling that we should definitely arrange a meet up and discuss issues we consider affect us. Hopefully we will all be able to make some time in the near future with more time to make arrangements. Suggestions as usual are welcome (the earlier the better, at this moment I have my eye on memorial weekend).

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Kenyan Git-Mo

Our Country Kenya is conveniently located on the Eastern seaboard of Africa. Mombasa, our coastal city is endowed with riches money can't buy, a historical background comparable to the best and a string of islands whose beauty appeals to celebrities worldwide as popular destination areas. We have it all at the coast, including some Islands conveniently offshore such as Watamu and Lamu. I propose we build our Git-Mo there. Cessation of these two Islands, have the government freeze Kamlesh Pattni's account and use those funds to build a prison akin Guantanamo bay, maximum security, twenty-five, yes twenty-five hour lockdown. We need one, since corrupt entities in government conveniently cry out for the blanket rule of law, "innocent until proven guilty" to provide for their freedom as they conveniently await their cronies to set up inquiries to investigate them for 14! years! The Kenyan Git-Mo should be in such state that it makes Kamiti look like a carribean Island. Known terrorists should request transfers to the real git-mo when informed that they might end up there. I want Murungi to be ringing the bell there and talking about "going slow" in his corner, I need Saitoti to have the corner cell, I've even gone as far as volunteering Moody Awori - a champion for prison facilities improvement - for and 'all expenses paid' vacation there. Kenya Git-Mo, by virtue of being off the defined Kenyan borders, will not be under jurisdiction of the Kenyan courts. Let Murungaru ponder over the 'scandal that never was' while enjoying excellent cuisine on offer there. I am sick of people talking about 'recommendations' and 'investigations'. We know these people are corrupt, they're on tape. You'd have to be unbelievably challenged if your idea of innocence pertains to these characters. Let Kenya Git-Mo be their remand before being 'extradited' upon completion of the "inquiry" or "investigation". Time served here will be deducted from the time you get after conviction. We need a Kenyan Git-Mo. That's my rant!

Now off to LA!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

To LA!! Kenya eh? Kenya aaahhh!!

Mr. Magaidi

I'm headed to Los Angeles for the IRB sevens tournament and gallivanting with my people from the Northeast, Baby Girl and hopefully meet up with some KBW members. Hit me up! Whis..ebu holla! Get with Afro or myself. As for the rest, I can't promise pics, but I'll do my best!

Eloya eeh eeh?

Kenya eeh?

Kenya aaahh!!

Nilienda huko...