Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A series of (fortunate) Events

Ok so I haven't updated this here blog for quite a while and I seem to be slacking off a wee bit but with good cheer, charm and vigor - I am back. I haven't been away from the blogosphere though, been venturing here and there reading the new/old interesting and no so interesting stuff, and yes I do comment when I do read. Ever since I got to dispatch the latest series of events in my existence, fortunate or unfortunate, I have been to a cruise, katika'd to the sounds of the ever soulful Sally Oyugi, revisited my old school collection (Nick, M - I told you i'd be back for more), readied myself for a trip to the city of angels, played golf/[slashed grass/dug holes at the golf course], met the beautiful Ciara - yes I did!!, and maybe spent too much time trying to disabuse clueless individuals (one) that there are gentlemen in Kenya. This last task I regret largely because I came to realize later on that we were in the presence of one whimsical lady whose infamous escapades and knack for picking fights were well known to everyone but yours truly - the fella magaidi. No disrespect but if two tsunamis were headed to my coast followed by a hurricane and incessant locust storms for a day, i'd gladly toss this soul bare faced right in their path for all I care but I digress.

So back at the office on Friday, my buddy Jaimie requested that I accompany him to the driving range to shoot. The stupid grin I unleashed would've earned me instant forgiveness if I was repenting sins in the presence of the holy father - so I agreed. We headed to the nearest course and since I was badly lacking in equipment, I used Jaimie's titanium wood to tee off. After missing the ball a coupla times I made what I would term 'solid contact' with something. It wasn't the ball though. No sir - that measly little thing was still right there on the tee. What I had made solid contact with was the ground, and I even dug myself a small hole. Unbeknownst to me, the head of the club had broken off and lay a few feet ahead of me. Conversation approximately two seconds after the incident:

Jaimie: Dude? What are you trying to do, dig a hole?
Magaidi: Yeah I know. I shanked it pretty bad huh? Been working on..
Jaimie: Shanked? You broke the driver dude?
Magaidi: &*??
Jaimie: Don't worry though I have a full warranty on the darn thing. Maybe you should try your iron play first.
Magaidi:Will do buddy! my bad! [thinking maybe I should try to hit the ball first?!!}

Golf, on my priority list has just gone down two places right below washing my car tyres!

In other news...

At last: a cure for alcohol, this should be introduced to Kenyans in Pubs. Tusker mbili with kudzu to go.


At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Msanii_XL said...

damn!! golf is that hard...on the hand substituting a golf club for for forko jembe does not make it any easier...lol

At 3:17 PM, Blogger Afromusing said...

That was hilarious! one time, an extremely exasperated friend of mine was telling me (more like yelling) 'Look the ball!!'

At 1:07 AM, Blogger M said...

I feel you dude. I've tried the game repeatedly and it's just not my cup of tea. How they manage to get that ball into such a small hole so far away beats me!

At 8:29 AM, Blogger nick said...

LOL @"No sir - that measly little thing was still right there on the tee." like it was trying to spite you or something

ive never tried golf and don't thinki am in a hurry

hey and ur still yet to unleash that collection-na usisahau sema bana?

At 6:47 PM, Blogger Magaidi said...

@Msanii - I have a new found respect for Tiger, Ernie, Phil, Vijay et al.

Afromusing - I hear you and to make it even worse, it wasn't like it was my first time.

@M - I hear distance is more about the swing rather than the stamina. Perfecting it is a life long struggle - so they say.

@Nick - you know it's coming son. It'll blow you off the chainz. I have 'sema'. Tried to rip it using windows media player but couldn't. Same thing happened trying to send a track to my cousin. Pointers please?


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