Monday, April 18, 2005

Marathon Monday

Today I intend to proudly put on my 'Kenya - Hatucheki na watu' t-shirt and head on to town for the marathon. Its the only day miros gather around adorned in Kenyan regalia be it t-shirts, flags, bandanas,vests and since it's almost a given that a Kenyan will win the race (Yeah I know we're spoilt beyond words) unless Bong Ju Lee comes out of nowhere and takes it, we intend to belt out the national anthem in the streets of downtown Boston. I was astounded at how badly we mixed up the tunes and the words last year. We had fellows singing the same verse three times since none of us could remember the words until 'Kila siku tuwe na shukrani'. Thanks to the good fellas at KenyanspaceI am ready to educate the masses.

On the same note:

I hear old man M-O-1 is also in town and they had a dinner organized for fellows to meet the dude, I believe you had to part with $250 for entrance, plus the meal. Bollox I say, it would take a well thought case for me to even part with $2.50 to meet the guy, from what i've seen, I haven't been impressed


At 5:17 AM, Blogger nick said...

our resident bad boy dawnin on a ka-p.e uniform and headin for a run.... i'll be there cheerin u on wit a tee shirt labeled "eh tunachekelea magaidi"

At 7:57 AM, Blogger Jay said...

Wewe, si I thought you were in Eye Rak?

Ati tunachekelea Magaidi? Aki Nick ni Mwenda!!

Hope you made it through the marathon!

At 7:40 AM, Blogger Magaidi said...

Hey wewe, Nick, I happen to think Kenyan clad is outstandinglygood, weh check tu.

MsK - I was on assignment. Had to move banaa..

Ndereba won which was great, we had a goood time. I did discover a (ahem!) talent for singing I had not known I had. I hope she got the press coverage she deserves in Kenya.

At 10:56 AM, Blogger nick said...

am with you all the way...u need a comedian there to DISTRACT u from the beer belly, the breathlessness and heavy panting, the sweat drenchin to ur kenyan socks, the blurry vision, the other blogmates laughin at there for u!!!!! am ur only pal...


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