Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Almost Lost


I was sifting through my CD collection last night and came across some very interesting music I had almost forgotten about. The likes of 'Trisha Covington', remember 'After 7', 'Colin England', 'Shai', 'Montel Jordan', 'D'Atra Hicks', 'Peabo Bryson', 'Prince'that song 'dial my heart' Almost makes the nonsense that is now hip hop sound obsolete with all due respect to Dr. Dre and his cronies. This journey captures you, an unrelenting grip on your senses and continues on. I blow the dust off an 'Adriana Evans' CD and recapture old neo-soul sounds. Seeing as this album had been released in '97 she was definitely ahead of her time. Continue on to grab that blue shiny Maxwell'UrbanCD. I still contend that got to get to know you is one of his best songs with the album notwithstanding. I also come accross an old 7-inch Pointer sisters LP. It belonged to my mom back in the day when she used to swing and sway to the soulful sounds of Earth, Wind and Fire's let's groove tonight A Gap Bands' - greatest hit's LP alongside, don't even get me going. My cell phone rings rudely interrupting my journey into the vast abysses of timeless music - it's baby girl calling to say g'night.I acknowledge and realize that it's time to hit the sack, but I am yet to go through half the collection. There's time I say - pop that 'Sade' Cd and drift slowly into oblivion..


At 9:43 AM, Blogger nick said...

can i say am a proud owner of original L.P's of(from assanands when it was in kenya cinema):
-Michael Jackson Off the Wall
-Breakdance-breakin soundtrack
-Breakdance 2 soundtrack

(the fact that i had to eat all my spinach and peas for breakdance l.p's is another post)

-shai: shame on you...or rather shame on me for not havin it. All time classic "thevery first time, that i saw your brown ...teeth!..."

-montell jordan. thats a brother wit skills...from 'lets ride' back to 'baby i like' to 'this is how we do it'...

ebu unlesh the rest of your collection and your mum's..then i can leta compe

At 11:24 AM, Blogger Magaidi said...

ahaaa...i'll be looking into it tonight. Usi-lete compe though. As for Montell - 'something for the honiez'? ...huh? That joint was da bomb! back in the day

At 7:07 AM, Blogger M said...

When you can say you have Demis Roussos, The Eagles, The Temptations and Nana Moskouri on those mini-LPs, kuja tuongee!

At 8:23 AM, Blogger nick said...

M-my mama has demis roussos on L.P

At 1:22 PM, Blogger Magaidi said...

@ M, bana you had to go there. Ok ok hapo umeshinda - Demis Roussos lakini Nana Moskourri hapo niko!i've come accross afew of her tracks although i'll truly vouch I have none of her albums...i'll be looking though.

@Nick, eheeehee! i'll give you a list of my mom's collection from late 60's to early 80's. Utashangaa! The 5 year old in me tells me that my momma's collection is better than your momma's! HA!

At 11:26 AM, Blogger nick said...

bring it on!!!

At 2:21 AM, Blogger M said...

LOL!Uko na Johnny Bokello Boys Band (or something like that?)

At 6:57 PM, Blogger akiey said...

Try to catch Peabo Bryson performing on TV1, donnoh, you prolly have already.
It's on tonite from 11pm EST I believe. He's singing his greatest hits with Ruben Studdard. Let me know incase you miss it, will check the 7-day schedule for you.
Nice, nostalgic music you all mentioned here. I still have my CD collection too including Silk's debut that had "Freak Me", as well as the Johnny Gills & Freddie Jacksons(Rock Me Tonite & Me & Mrs.Jones, etc)!


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