Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Of Affirmative Action


An acquaintance of mine has taken it upon himself to protect the world from half-roasted peas, light milk shakes, not-so-fresh salads and undercooked veggies. This particular individual sees it as his sole responsibility to inform the uneducated that it is your civil right, ingrained within the framework of affirmative action that if you order a half roasted goat and sukumawiki ‘to go’ then it had better be half-roasted and ready to go. I have observed this individual complain how, after all Malcolm X and Martin Luther King fought for, he still cannot get a decent steak at a local eating house. I cringed when once during dinner he made an awkward analogy comparing the plight of slaves in the slavery era to miniature supporting roles that people of color get in big budget movies. After this i'd have bet my last buck on him blaming the government for him not showering. MLK would have turned in his grave if word of this ever got to him. Please don’t send me email claiming I be-little the causes of ‘affirmative action’ because you’ll be wasting your time. I believe affirmative action should exist but for some reason. There seems to be a disconcerting ‘sense of entitlement’ unfairly attached to the causes that affirmative action should be advocating for. This notwithstanding, I am sure getting a decent steak at the local eatery wasn’t on MLK and other pioneers' minds when they were fighting for equal rights.


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