Monday, March 14, 2005


I indulge myself in the intricacies of my being, my parody that I call an existence and it's quite funny I tell you.

*My favorite drink is a mixture of orange juice and pepsi. - no your eyes are fine read right..a mixture of pepsi/coke/cola and orange juiceand i'm not talking those chemicals we used to drink back home akina ribena (which by the way I still thinking is a really good drink.

*My favorite color is brown, a dark shade of brown although I'm a bit torn between that and red.

* If I like a song, I can listen to it for hours on end. I mean re-wind and re-wind till I make sure i'm bored with it. Otherwise i'll wear out that repeat button on the cd player. Case in point is that song by Jua Cali -'Nakuroga', just can't get enough of it. It's hot!!!

Other Businesses

East African concert in Atlanta later this month should provide spectacular and also unspectacular insights into talent in the diaspora. I remember when Nameless was around, a Kenyan crowd was being entertained by some rap artists in Boston, I tell you these folk showed no mercy and no love at all!..It had to have had something to do with the fact that these jamaaz were running around stage waxing lyrical about 'wack emcees' and 'mamanzi' which have been used with such frequency as if we're at an end for words. If I was a rapper my moniker would be Wack Emcee. Look on the bright side, no one has high expectations, everyone mentions you in their songs and it's always easier when you've already declared you're wack.

I have also noticed that the word Kenyanese is being used with alarming regularity to replace the oft used 'Genge'.Aiii kweli this is plain retarded now.

Mwewe is a really nice album. These people can sing! Can't wait for them to tour.


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