Tuesday, March 08, 2005

MJ Blog Meme


Ok Nick, here goes the MJ Meme blog. Caution though, in my opinion we will never truly know the veritable Jackson, I don't think he will ever truly find his true self. I think his definition is in his music. Having said that...here goes.

1.Best RnB song?
Have you seen my childhood
Heal the world (classic)!
One more chance
You are not alone

2.Best pop song?
Thriller! Without a doubt – that was just too original!
Smooth criminal!
Who is it
Billie jean
In the Closet..should I go on?

3.Best Rock song?
Black Or White.

4.Best Album?

5.Best Dance Video?
Remember the time video with Eddy Murphy, Magic Johnson..etc..that was goood!
MTV Music awards live performance – 93!! (best ever!! Live performance by an artist. period)

6.underrated album?
Off the wall.. (no one talks about this album anymore and it had hits like Rock with you, Don’t stop till you get enough).

7.underrated collabo?
bila ideas on this one.

8.Overrated collabo?
The one with small sis. That song is overplayed and it ain’t issh!

9.Best sound
-tttrrrrraaaaa cha cha cha…x3 (In..’Do you remember the time’)

10.what about MJ u'll never forget?
Moonwalking bana..that was too smooth
Dude made women scream till they faint..wtf?(couldn’t understand the hysteria when I was a kiddo)

11.Do u think he is guilty or innocent?
Innocent. I think that prosecutor is just trying to make a name for himself.

12. did u like him better black? black-white? white?
Tell you the truth, I never really cared! The lad could’ve been purple but I’d still katika to his music.

13.his song that u cant stand?
Butterflies feat. Eve.

14.if he was to come perform in a stadium near you-would you

a) lie that u would not attend?
b) attend?
c) only attend cause u were forced to

Are you kidding me? I’d be on time like Rev. Njoka at a city council prayer meeting!! Or Martha Karua at a father WaMugunda late night meeting

15. do u think MJ is a freak or misunderstood? do u believe him in "have u seen my childhood?"
I think he’s a misunderstood freak!..People that good at what they do aren’t normal anyway.

16.are those kids fruits of his occassionally grabbed loins?



At 8:41 AM, Blogger nick said...

1.finally someone who loves do u remember the time as much as i do...i have a dvd that has the behind the scenes...for that! damn

as for that sound-hell freakin yeah. Tttrrrrra ta ta ta ...dabada

there is this part in the video where a chick starts archin her back backwards...and the guy bends over her...no touchin but in unison they just keep goin lower and lower...uuuuiiiiiii

2.Shame on me for not havin seen that mtv performance! damn squared!!!!

3. ati faster than rev njoya...lol

4.you ask wtf??? trust me i'd be there screamin " oh my God! He waved to..the person NEXT to me!!!!"

At 6:25 PM, Anonymous Mama JunkYard said...

I hear you re Off The Wall! No-one mentions it yet that album was and still is a classic.

LMAO@ trrrr cha cha cha.

At 1:45 PM, Anonymous Missus mistic said...

You ned to uopdate your link list.

At 1:46 PM, Anonymous Mr_Mystic said...

The last comment should have read, You need to update your link list.


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