Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Satelite - Unspectacular! - Do not be fooled.


These DirecTV people are working on my last nerve! There's nothing spectacular about Satelite TV, nothing! I tell ya good folks!zero! zilch! nada!I happen to live in a neighborhood akin to minsk, that has plenty snow, rain, cold weather, know? The whole Wandimi Muchemi forecast. All I have to say is that when it snows, let's just say the only TV you'll be watching is in your imagination, better stock up on DVDs, VHS, Music and all that makes your bored self merry again. Needless to say a relentless barrage of snow, freezing rain ('s like melting ice raining), rain and snowstorms has hit my neighborhood digoloz so I haven't had a signal in like ...hmm lemme see (since election?) ok ok exaggeration - for 10 days now. Before I continue lemme just point out a few things:

1. No. I do not live in a cave with blind fish.
1. Yes I know there are more important things than TV, don't remind me
2. If I needed your opinion on TV, i'd give it to you. AHEM! thanks.

Now I call customer service to vent Na roho safi by the way and the dude tells me that other customers in my area are not complaining so there might be somthing wrong with the in-house connections. Logically I request that they send someone to check it out coz after all,

1. It is! their equipment, I pay a fee each month to 'rent' it
2. I have not been known to have built a satelite dish, or a receiver for that matter
3. Only DirecTV technicians have the technical capabilities to fix DirecTV equipment.
4. Last time I climbed a tree to fix the dish, a dude called cops on me.

Yeah! It's costing me $70.00.Bollocks I say! Oh the sheer audacity! How darest they! attempt to shaft a true miro like this? It's on to cable bila feelings!


At 11:31 AM, Blogger nick said...

you have been cordially invited to partakein a new meme...
thanks(ati kwa serious tone)

At 4:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummm, okay why on earth are you still in the days of satellite tv? Maendeleo bana! I mean come on now! lol!

At 10:02 AM, Blogger Jay said...

He he mzee, kunywa malt baridi on my tab.

Meanwhile I'm off to drown myself in my working DSTV.


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