Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Of Confrontations, Dialogue and Travels!!

I must admit i'm a sucker for action..I mean you know fracas and whatever. My initial instinct when the dude ahead starts running is to run!follow the fella..ask questions when everyone stops running. I'll let you folks in on a story - happened a couple of years back on my way to Njoro with my mom. We'd been stashed - and I mean literallystashed in a nissan, but I do injustice to other nissans by calling this a car:I'd say more like a hodge podge of metallic sheets strewn together with a wooden interior and 4 tires which by my count may have been re-treaded four times. Fred Flinstones had a better ride. My mom has never been short for words, I mean this woman angemtoa nyoka pangoni. We veer off the road to pick up two unassuming strangers but thats not the problem, the dilemma here was the humongous sack of waruz, vitunguuz, nyanyaz, I suspect several canes of sugar and a metallic milk bucket. A diabolical situation. I assure you if they place this thing on the roof it caves in on us. Condy gestures to my mom to move and create space, my mom questions "where?" - and I understand the woman's question: Maybe by now you may not have the picture clear so lemme elaborate: A trip inside this wreck? You'd have been more comfortable sleeping in those yellow sweepstake boxes all night like we'd done after yet another confrontation with cops outside F2 but that's a whole new issue. The prepostrous suggestion that one of us moves ahead by an inch to create more space was followed by a retort that left no doubt this woman had absolutely ZERO! zilch!Nada! Kaput! respect for the condy's abilities mentally or otherwise. We were ordered to shuka! lakini wapi? I was ordered by the general to sit right where I was. After 'consultations' with the driver, the condy had to give up. It was then realized that similar confrontations had happened with this woman in the past. Confused and embarassed dude went back to his inch of space in next to the door, the rest of the journey went smooth. Couldn't be prouder of my mom though. She's the best!!.


At 8:01 AM, Blogger Mshairi said...

:-)) Your mum (just like mine) sounds like a person one should think twice before crossing. Hurray to all mothers!


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