Monday, January 03, 2005

The Indecencies of modern day shopping

You know i'm so tired of shopping be it groceries, clothes or anything. Last wekend I walked into a large megasize superstore which I won't even bother to name here. A visit to the electronics section yielded numerous curious clues for the African kid:
1. A guy(assuming) who had since shopped in the west wing of the store for shoes got to the electronics section, I assume saw an X-Box video game he liked so much better, decided against the shoes - (good thing he did according to me). The fellow left his shoes where the video game was and I assume again, took the game.

2. An old lady had shopped for groceries in the East Wing...carted over to the electronics section to check out. I can assure you speed was no concern of hers and I accept that!

3. Only half of the check out areas were open, I would think this being around the holiday season would maybe buy them a clue that there'd be more people in the store shopping so to ease the agony of having to stand behing moms with babies, old ladies and old dudes, little criminals with cotton candy all over theirs and my face! and watch the instore clown(which I shamelessly and thoroughly enjoyed by the way!) - maybe open them all?

4. Parking was a problem full circle: geting in, getting a spot, getting out. People drove like pee-wee graduates whose licenses were certificates for excellence:

a. Incompetence in road manouvering
b. Colorful language and hand gestures
c. Shamelessly double parking and un-observance (if indeed there is such a word) of the speed limit

There was nothing festive about shopping there, if at all there was grinch - the owners of this store should be nominated and awarded doubly. That's my word and i'm sticking to it.


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